Using ASP Dot Net for Custom Web Application Development

Take a close watch at the on-going demand of online business owners and you will find the increasing popularity of customized web development services. Gone are the days, when website owners used to consider common applications to operate their multiple business websites. Today, each organization looks for customized applications designed for specific purposes. In order to meet the personalized web-based requirements, web developers have started using advance web application frameworks and technologies. One such web application framework is ASP.NET which allows developers to develop applications with extensive features and functionalities.

Developed by Microsoft, ASP.NET is widely used to create dynamic websites, web applications and web services. It provides an integrated programming model to develop powerful web applications which can meet specific business goals. Being a part of.NET framework, it permits programmers to take complete advantage of CLR (common language runtime) including portability, security, flexibility and interoperability in selecting languages and codes.

Now, if you want to catch-hold the reason of using this web application framework for developing web services, then take a look at some notable advantages offered by ASP.NET:

  • Allows less usage of codes to build web pages.
  • Offers flexibility in choosing languages by supporting more than 25.NET languages.
  • Offers multiple functionalities like data access, uploading files, monitoring performance, transactions, SMTP mail etc.
  • Detects any minute changes automatically as well as store files for future use.
  • Provides output caching for a page along with saving the results in memory and sending instant messages about caching to its authorized users.
  • Detects errors (deadlocks, memory leaks etc) in an application and automatically deliver a copy of process to ensure the availability of application to the users.
  • Helps developers to make changes to the complied components without restarting the server.
  • Offers integrated security system such as user-based authentication, cookie management and automatic redirecting of logins made by unauthorized users.

After having brief idea about ASP.NET, if you feel like having custom web application development services over this framework, then you can think about contacting some.NET specialists. You can consider taking services from web development companies which are fully dedicated towards developing web-based projects by using.NET technology. A few Microsoft-certified web development companies have pool of web developers and programmers who have in-depth knowledge about different versions of.NET. You can contact them to get customized web services as per your business requirements.

ASP.Net development services will help you to run your business websites smoothly and efficiently. Contact a skilled developer and specify your web-based necessities now!

10 Useful Tools to Develop, Monitor, Evaluate, Or Debug Web Pages

When it comes to developing websites and pages we could all use a little help now and then when it comes down to the real detail. Fortunately there’s a wide variety of tools on offer to developers that can be of use when it comes to developing, monitoring, evaluating and debugging web pages. Here are 10 which I’ve found useful over the years.

Web developer toolbar

The Web Developer Extension adds a menu and a toolbar to the browser. For anyone who uses Firefox that’s interested in accessibility and CSS web development, this is an essential must-have for testing web pages!

Web accessibility toolbar

The web accessibility toolbar is available for Internet Explorer. It can perform virtually any accessibility test on a web page, such as HTML and CSS validation, colour checking, HTML structure analysis, and much, much more!


Firebug is an extension to the Firefox web browser and is an indispensable tool to any web developer. It allows to view, inspect and edit HTML, CSS and JavaScript live on any web page as well helping to debug a large number of potential problems.


Yslow is a plug-in which is integrated with the Firebug web extension for Firefox. It’s a great tool to help reduce the number of HTTP requests needed to render a page. It analyses the web page and summarises the page’s components, displays statistics and suggests ways to improve its performance.


Fangs is an extension to the Firefox web browser. It renders a text version of a web page similar to how a screen reader would read it. It also provides a list of headings and links that are on the page. It helps to quickly find out if there are any accessibility issues on a web page for screen reader users.


Aardvark is an add-on for Firefox browser. It outlines any elements over which you hover your cursor and displays the HTML tags and the CSS styles of the elements selected. It also has one fantastic feature that makes it worth installing – a page clean-up prior to printing. Simply select the area of the page you want to print (usually the main content area) and it’ll ensure that only this gets printed, resizing it perfectly on to the paper.

IE tester

IETester is a free web browser that contains different versions of Internet Explorer, from 5.5 through to 8. Now you can test websites in multiple versions of Internet Explorer all through just one browser!

Windows magnifier

It’s essentially just a very basic screen magnifier bundled in with Windows XP. It is great if you want to quickly check how your site looks through a screen magnifier. Check out this program on your PC at Start > Programs > Accessories > Accessibility > Magnifier.

Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Xenu is a handy freeware tool that checks for any broken links on a site. Simply type in a URL and it will check the links on every single page of the website. Dead links can come about due to links on external websites going down, a file being moved or someone typing in the wrong URL. Whatever the reason, Xenu will find those dead links for you and tell you on which pages they are on. Isn’t that great!?

Dust-Me selectors

The Dust-Me Selectors is an extension for Firefox web browser. It lists all the used/unused CSS selectors from all the stylesheets on a web site. It’s a handy tool when times come to tidy up and reduce files size.


It can be difficult to decide on which plug-ins and extensions to use as a developer, but this list should point you in the direction of some really helpful tools. Having these programs in your arsenal could help you out no end when it comes to developing, monitoring, evaluating and debugging web pages.

Before Choosing Your Web Partners!

Today is no doubt a world of internet and websites. From a small time shop owner to a big time hot shot everyone likes to have their own website, that too with some web application as well. You may find having your website developed as a one of the tedious tasks ever. To make your website worthy enough you have to find a great web development company which stays honest throughout their web development service tenure. You also want to make sure that you will have a good understanding designer and developer with your project manager, who all will be able to visualize your thoughts and needs.

Not only resources, the company you are going to hire must have suitable streamlined processes so that you will not face concerns or issues while your website development is running with them. If you have complete requirement with you and you are quite sure about the features you wish to develop for your website, in that case opt for the company which provides a fixed cost solution for website development services. After selecting the company to move ahead with, you would also want to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to avoid any pit falls after you hire developers.

On other hand you still not sure with the functions and structure of website you want to develop, than it is strongly suggested to opt for Business Analysis before starting any website design development services. The business analysis will provide you a complete picture of your requirement and will also help to select the best technology to develop the website with. Generally there are two major technologies are ruling the web development arena and making web development company profitable day by day, those are PHP and ASP.NET. You just need to hire PHP developer or developer and start off with the same. This process is called Dedicated Resource model, where you hire dedicated developers or a dedicated designers, who will work on your project till everything is not completed.

In both of the model you need to worry only about the things you need to share with your resources, and make it always ready beforehand, so that they never have to wait for anything to start a work in any hour. Once your project manager tells that your application is ready to launch than do not forget to take your application for testing (beta testing) phase and discuss plus remove all the bugs/issues the application have. Make sure all of the functions are working fine and once this phase is over, your website or web application will become a hen which can lay golden eggs, if you keep this maintained for long long time.

So be cleaver and alert while you hire web development company for their web development services to have a great website done on your way.